Falcon Liver Aid
fal detox

Falcon Liver Aid is a premixture for raptors based on herbal extracts with high detoxifying and depurative activity for liver and kidney. Very useful following antibiotic treatments. Used as a tonic in sick, convalescent birds. Beneficial as adjuvant in the treatment of intoxications as well as in liver and kidney diseases.

The content of Sylimarin, plus Carnitine, acts as a stimulator of birds appetite and metabolism, very useful for convalescent and debilitate patients.

The presence of Group B Vitamins makes Falcon Liver Aid very useful to reduce side effects of antibiotic treatment.

Falcon Liver Aid also acts as co-adjuvant during the treatment of liver, kidneys, heart and gut diseases.

Suggested daily dose: put inside the food (eviscerated prey) half measuring spoon (1 gram) of the product per Kilogram of body weight for 15 days or following veterinary indications.

Package: 100 g.