Falcon Start

Falcon Start is a new original formulation specifically designed for baby falcons growing. The product is based on well balanced blend of essential aminoacids, minerals and vitamins to guarantee a perfect level of nutrients and to get a regular chick’s growing.

Some ingredients of Falcon Start allow to get a better joints’ development, reducing the risk of rachitism and legs’ deformities.

Herbal extracts of Falcon Start give a precious help to developing falcon’s body because their different actions: immune system stimulation, liver protection, appetite and metabolism stimulation, antimicrobic activity.

Falcon Start can be used from the second day after hutching to complete fledging, directly inside the food. It’s an ideal product for hand feeding baby falcons because allows to reduce the risk of malnutrition and infections during the delicate time of growing.

Suggested daily dose: put inside the food (eviscerated prey) 1 grams (half-one measuring spoon) of the product per 100 grams of baby’s body weight from hutch to fledging.

Package: 100 g.